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When you join Book Street Café, you access a community of information and services including periodical meetings, forums where you can ask questions and share your expertise with others, and special training events and opportunities for recognition. Book Street cafe was created for you and others in publishing so you’d have a place to get help and be a part of the publishing community. And unlike most meetings, our events are all “online” so you can attend from the comfort of your office or home.

Book Street Café was created by two active members of the Arizona Book Publishing Association intending to continue and expand positive activity for the changing world of publishing. For 19 years ABPA, with more than 150 members, advanced and promoted successful book publishing in Arizona through education, community involvement, cooperative effort, peer recognition, industry advocacy, and the support of 1st Amendment rights.

Gwen Henson, Book Street Café’s Co-Founder and Executive Director, operates Sagebrush Publications, a service firm providing book editing, typesetting and layout services to book publishers. For Book Street Café Gwen manages membership services and organizes relevant programming for publishers and interested authors. For many years, she served as Executive Director of ABPA.

Rich Hamilton, Co-Founder, is Book Street Café’s Technical Director and General Manager. Rich operates SellBetter Tools Publishing, publishing print books, ebooks and software. Rich also operates Website Services LLC, an online service company.

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Gwen Henson, Executive Director

Gwen Henson, Executive Director

Rich Hamilton

Rich Hamilton, Technical Director