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Replay – How to Sell Books by the Truckload on Amazon

with Penny Sansevieri Amazon is a great place to sell books, but most publishers and authors don’t realize that Amazon has an internal sales machine that will actually help you market your book, for free, if you trigger it. It’s called their internal algorithm and, not that dissimilar from ranking on Google, once Amazon’s algorithm […]

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Replay – The Author’s Guide to Choosing a Publishing Service

with Grael Norton Many folks have TONS of questions about publishing in general and about publishing services companies in particular. That’s why we’re holding a special online presentation of “The Author’s Guide to Choosing a Publishing Service.” Discover: The three methods of publishing, and how to decide which method is right for you Four misused […]

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Replay: Rebecca Morgan – Use Content From Your Book(s) to Create Revenue-Generating Products

Are you maximizing your income by repackaging your intellectual capital? Would you like to make money while you’re sleeping? How about a safety net for the future? Rebecca Morgan, the goddess of “Making Money in Your Jammies” will help you understand how to transform book content into revenue-generating products like webinars, teleseminars, and more. You […]

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Russell Trahan

Replay – Russell Trahan, PR/PR: Position Your Authors in Front of Their Target Audience

Position Your Authors in Front of Their Target Audience–Wherever They Are with Russell Trahan, President PR/PR Public Relations The statistics on books published per month can be overwhelming. Getting attention for your newly published books or your back list can feel like an uphill climb. So what if an industry insider gave you the secrets […]

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Replay – David K. Ream: Beyond the Back of the Book: Indexes in the Digital Age for Discovery and an Improved User Experience

with David K. Ream, Leverage Technologies Have you considered including an index in your book or ebook? Indexes are a value added to non-fiction publications. In his presentation, David will discuss how indexes, which are metacontent documents, can be leveraged to create new opportunities for sales and user functionality. Indexes work when the content in an […]

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Replay – Sean Edwards: How to Format Your Books for Kindle, Step by Step

with Sean Edwards, Edwards Publishing House attracts more book buyers than any other book selling site. Amazon’s Kindle platform dominates the ebook market. Amazon reports that ebooks now outsell softcover and hardcover books—combined. How can you afford not to publish your books and other content for the Kindle and tap into this incredible marketplace? […]

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Publishing With Your Pants Down

Apple Opens Its Arms to Self-Publishing E-Book Authors – MacNewsWorld Apple Opens Its Arms to Self-Publishing E-Book AuthorsMacNewsWorldApple is going after the self-publishing crowd in an effort to loosen Amazon’s grip on the e-book market, but it has some catching up to do. For people already at home in the App … Publishing with […]

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Replay – Victoria Hay, PhD: Every Book Needs an Editor!

Every book needs an editor! So does every publisher. Whether you self-publish your book or own a small publishing company, you will profit from hiring a professional editor. Victoria Hay, owner of a U.S.-based business, technical, and trade book editing service, explains why. Together, we’ll explore the reasons you should never skimp on this crucial […]

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