Membership & Billing

When you join you pay an initial fee, followed by monthly renewals. The monthly renewals are automatically charged to your bank card on file. If a payment fails, access will be denied.

Your bankcard statement will show the charge as Website Services LLC. Book Street Cafe is a service of Website Services LLC.

Q: I’m paid up, but I forgot my userid and password!

On the website there’s a “Member Center” box where you log in. In that box is a link that says “Recover Password.” Click that and you’ll get a secure two-step two-email process to recover your userid and reset your password.

Q: How can I change my bankcard on file?

This may be needed because a card has expired, or because you want to pay with a different account.

You can handle this yourself in the shopping cart Customer Portal. It’s a simple three-step process:

  1. Log in at the shopping cart Customer Portal. (If you haven’t set up access go to that page and click Click here to register under the Sign In button.)
  2. Click on Orders, then Recurring Order Summary.
  3. You should see your membership order. Click View Details, and choose Recurring Payment Information. This is where you change your bankcard information.

Q: Will you retry charging my bankcard?

Yes, we try three times on successive days, in case there was a temporary failure to authorize or funds needed to be deposited. You may need to log in to the shopping cart customer portal to change the card we’re billing. (See above.)

After this you will need to rejoin to get access, which may cost more (because of the initial month).

Q: How do I cancel my membership?

Before you cancel, we like to remind you that as a member you have access to webinar replays in case you are unable to attend a live event. (Some members forget this, thinking that their schedule needs to match up to ours. It doesn’t!)

We hate to see you go, but you can cancel with no questions asked. That said, we hope you will tell us why you’re quitting, so we can improve service to other members.

Contact us through our Contact Form to cancel your membership. Cancelling will stop any further payments; you will still have access to the website until the current billing period is complete.

You may rejoin at any time, but will incur the higher first-month fee.