Connecting to a Webinar


You must be a member to join a webinar or see a replay.

You no longer have to download a special software app to join a webinar.

You have to login at our website to register for the webinar (and to see a replay) but you don’t have to login to watch the live webinar. Just use the instructions and link sent to you in the confirmation email. That link is exclusive to you so don’t share it… or you may not be able to connect to the webinar.

To assure you of the best connection and technology we stream our webinar to you using a service called WebinarJam which uses YouTube technology. When hundreds of people all try to connect to a webinar at the same time, it’s important to use a service that is well experienced in delivering these connections. If you can watch a YouTube video, you should be able to attend the webinar or watch a replay.

It is technology, however, so there are sometimes issues.

Slow Connection?

Even if you have a slow Internet connection, you can still watch YouTube videos. Here are some tips on optimizing your viewing experience:

  • Choose lower video quality settings (such as 240p and 360p) from the gear icon in the bottom right side of the video player.
  • Start the video and then click the Pause button immediately. Wait for the gray video progress bar to load a bit before clicking Play.
  • Change your video player settings to not default to the highest quality stream.

No Sound?

If you don’t hear sound when playing a YouTube video, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Adjust the volume on your computer and speakers.
  • Adjust the volume control located in the lower left corner of the YouTube video player.
  • Restart your browser.
  • Try turning up the volume for other video players (like Quicktime, Real Player, or Windows Media player).

If you still have no sound after completing the steps above, these additional tips may help:

  • Update your Flash Player to the latest version.
  • Allow third-party Flash content on your computer. Learn more by visiting Adobe’s help page.
  • Check any Antivirus and Firewall software to see if its blocking third-party Flash content.

Using a Mobile Device like an iPad, iPhone, Smartphone or iPod Touch?

YouTube video should display in Safari or Chrome browsers. One catch might be that you need an internet connection that can handle video. If you can watch other YouTube video, you should be able to watch the webinar.

The system is full or will not work?

That can, of course, happen. The YouTube streaming video service has handled programs with several million viewers. (We think that should be enough!) But if there’s a problem? We’ll try to record it for you so you can watch the replay.

Connection Disclaimer

Because YouTube is not affiliated with us, we are unable to guarantee the reliability of their software and it is possible that we may lose connection at any time during a workshop, or you may not be able to connect. In the event that we do lose connection during a workshop or you are unable to connect, you should know that we attempt to record all webinars and post replays within 24 hours.

We are unable to provide individual consulting to resolve problems you experience connecting. We do want to hear about it, however (especially if you find a solution), so we can share pertinent information on this page.