Replay – Barbara McNichol: 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your Book

Here’s an author-focused session designed to enhance your writing skills. Being human, we all err. But wouldn’t it be helpful to clearly identify the types of writing mistakes we most commonly make and eradicate them?

Editor Barbara McNichol teaches us seven common writing errors that authors tend to overlook. Join us and:

  • Understand who your targeted reader is.
  • Determine how to logically order your manuscript for improved readability.
  • Cross out extra words that weaken your writing.
  • Substitute ONE word to move from boring to bingo!
  • Avoid words that trip up your reader.

Join us when expert editor Barbara McNichol divulges how you can be a better writer, simply by avoiding seven classic mistakes.

Authors and experts depend on Barbara for her expert editing of nonfiction books, articles, and marketing materials. On her website, she proudly lists about 200 books she’s edited. Her mission is to teach writers effective techniques that will improve their writing—and make the final editing process go smoother and faster. As part of this mission, Barbara sends out a monthly ezine called Add Power to Your Pen and regularly conducts “wordshops” in Arizona and Colorado on How to Strengthen EVERYTHING You Write. In her crusade to curb the tide of misused words, Barbara compiled a comprehensive word choice guide called Word Trippers: The Ultimate Source for Using the Perfect Word When It Really Matters, available at

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Recorded October 16, 2012