Replay: Publishing 101: How to Get Your Book Out in Today’s Publishing Environment

with Bill Fessler, American Traveler Press

Your manuscript is ready, or nearly ready, and you want to get it published. What’s next?

Should you shop it with the New York publishers? Find a small press publisher? Or should you self-publish?

And what is “self-publishing” these days? Is subsidy publishing a good thing or a bad thing?

What kind of help do you need—an editor, book designer, cover designer, printer? Where can you find them? How do you choose which ones to work with?

Oh, yes, then you need to promote and market your book. Where do you even start?

Bill Fessler answers the myriad of publishing questions that an author or new publisher has about getting out the book. Bill will discuss how to:

  • Determine the difference between traditional publishers, small publishers, and self-publishing
  • Figure out if subsidy publishing might work for you
  • Find the help you need and understand who is in charge of what
  • Create a marketing plan and learn why you need it sooner rather than later
  • Produce a marketing campaign when there’s no marketing budget

Join us when Bill Fessler talks about the ins and outs of publishing and sets you off on the right foot toward publishing success—the first time!

Bill Fessler’s work in the book publishing business began in his teenage years. His parents’ book business kept him busy with shipping, invoicing, and handling customer service. After earning his master’s degree from Georgetown, Bill returned to the Southwest. Today he runs one of the largest publishing companies in the state of Arizona.

American Traveler Press publishes 250+ titles, including cookbooks, outdoor nature guides, travel books, and western history. Though Bill would like to do it all himself, he now hires people to help him while continuing to oversee book design, computer support, bill collecting, packing and shipping, taxes, marketing, writing, and editing.

Formerly the president of the state book publishing association, Bill is well-respected in national publishing organizations.

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Recorded August 30, 2012.