Replay: Bob Goodman – How CreateSpace, Lightning Source and Other “Instant” Options Help You Publish Successfully

Traditional book printing has grown more costly and the “right” quantity for a first printing can be an elusive number to determine—it’s hard to know how many books you are going to sell. Expenses like shipping and storage add to bottom line costs. Today publishers are recognizing the advantages of POD printing; Print On Demand enables you to order books as needed.

Amazon’s CreateSpace and Lightning Source enable publishers and writers to print books quickly. These two POD companies offer a variety of tools and services to help you get your book out, whether you’re self-publishing your first book or are a long-time publisher. But which one should you choose? What costs are associated with each? Which makes more sense for long-term use?

Publishing expert Bob Goodman joins us for our next Book Street Café webinar to help you:

  • Learn the differences between CreateSpace and Lightning Source
  • Determine the real costs associated with each publishing method
  • Understand the distribution options available through each service
  • Discover the challenges to watch for in using online publishing services
  • Think about other viable options to help you publish successfully.

Bob Goodman is the owner and publisher of Silvercat, a San Diego company that has offered publishing, book-packaging, and book-shepherding services to authors and self-publishers since 1988. He is also the publisher of Silver Threads, where he helps writers produce “memoirs people actually want to read.”

Bob is a past board member of the Independent Book Publishers Association and the founder and past president of Publishers and Writers of San Diego. He has frequently presented at IBPA’s Publishing University and at the La Jolla Writers Conference, of which he is a founding faculty member. He is the former director of the unpublished memoir competition of the San Diego Book Awards, and for many years, he was the co-host of the Internet radio program, Writers Roundtable.

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Recorded November 29,2012.