Webinar Replay – James D. Best: Selling Your Books on Amazon

How to Stand Out in the Biggest Bookstore in the World

Amazon is a vast book market. The size is a magnificent opportunity and a huge challenge. Amazon offers more than ten million titles and is predicted to sell 50% of all books by the end of this year. Amazon provides numerous plans for publishers and authors to assist in sales, but many of them are hard to understand. It has dominance in e-books, and has growing influence in book publishing, printing, and distribution. But this size and growth presents a problem. How does a self-published author or small publisher get noticed?

James D. Best offers six indie-books on Amazon and another published by Wiley. All of his books are in print and e-book formats and the Steve Dancy series is offered in audio and large print. Despite using every other book distribution channel, Amazon represents nearly 80% of his sales.

Mr. Best will share his experience in selling books on Amazon. Beyond advice on your Product Page, Author Page, and Kindle options, he will explain Amazon’s Prime program, which allows a subscriber to borrow one free book per month and the publisher gets paid for it. The Prime program also provides the publisher 5 free promotional days during each 90-day enrollment. Amazon Prime provides publishers with some great opportunities, but they come with a price, and they do not perform in a uniform fashion. The intricacies of this program will be explained, along with some quantitative results from Mr. Best’s books. The session will conclude with some layman forecasts of Amazon’s impact on the book industry.

  • Understand Amazon’s Prime Program and how it works for you
  • Hear how giving your ebooks away on Amazon earns you more
  • Discover what makes your Product page stand out
  • Determine which Amazon program is right for you and your books
  • Figure out how to get paid when readers “borrow” your books

James Best is the author of The Shopkeeper, Leadville, Murder at Thumb Butte, Tempest at Dawn, Principled Action, The Shut Mouth Society, and The Digital Organization. James has ghost written two books, authored two regular magazine columns, and published numerous journal articles. As a conference speaker, he has made presentations throughout North America and Europe. His blog address is http: //jamesdbest.blogspot.com/ James and his wife Diane live in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

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Recorded June 20, 2012.