Webinar Replay – Maria Crimi Speth: Protect Your Writings, What Authors and Publishers Need to Know About Copyright and Other Legal Issues

Maria Crimi Speth, Esq.


Whether you are publisher, a seasoned author or a new author writing your first book, Maria Speth’s presentation will help you avoid common, costly legal mistakes. Ms. Speth will cover the laws that affect publishers and authors and illustrate the concepts with real cases and real situations.

She will outline the four main areas of intellectual property law and the interplay between those areas-all as it relates to publishers and authors. Ms. Speth will focus on copyright law, the main area of law protecting the written word. She will also cover information about avoiding infringement claims against you, international rights, online writing, and the contracts that authors are most likely to encounter. Ms. Speth will answer your legal questions as well as address the questions you might not have known to ask. Order Here

Join us and

  • Determine how to avoid common, costly legal mistakes.
  • Learn the four areas of intellectual property law.
  • Understand how those laws affect you.
  • Avoid infringement claims against you.

Maria Crimi Speth is an attorney with the Phoenix based law firm Jaburg Wilk. She has more than twenty years of experience in intellectual property law. She represents writers, photographers, artists, musicians, software developers, and Web site owners and is a licensed attorney in Arizona and New York. She is the author of Protect Your Writings.

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Recorded October 29, 2012