Replay – Michelle DeFilippo: How To Make a Book Cover Great—Think Like a Publisher (not an Author) to Help Your Book Sell

Michele DeFilippo, 1106 Design

A book cover is the package you show to the world, to convince people to buy your book. A great cover is part art and part science, but mostly business.

A cover that successfully competes with the best sellers is crucial to publishing success. If your cover is well designed, buyers will overlook the fact that they never heard of you. If the design is poor or homemade, they’ll buy the book that looks more credible.

This program will contrast homemade and self-published covers in several genres with those that have been professionally designed, so that you’ll recognize the difference and work with your designer to give the buying public the level of cover design that is proven to work.

Tips include working with a book cover designer and advice about how to prepare the interior of your book to industry standards as well.

  • Learn the expert’s tricks to making a GREAT cover.
  • Find out what book buyers want.
  • Hear what NOT to do, if you want a professional cover.

Michele DeFilippo owns 1106 Design, a Phoenix-based company that works with authors, publishers, business pros, coaches, consultants, speakers . . . anyone who wants a beautiful book, meticulously prepared to industry standards. 1106 Design offers top-quality cover design, beautifully designed and typeset interiors, manuscript editing, indexing, title consulting, and expert self-publishing advice. Unlike the one-size-fits-all solutions from “pod publishers,” 1106 Design offers start-to-finish project management, customized to your specific needs, with hand-holding every step of the way. Please visit to view samples, read testimonials, and build an instant quote, or contact Michele at to discuss your book publishing goals. Plus, download Michele’s new book free from her website.

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Recorded September 27, 2012