Replay – Raleigh Pinskey – highlights from ‘101 Ways to get on Radio, TV and the Internet in the Digital Age’

with Raleigh R. Pinskey

Have you ever watched an author interviewed on TV or listened to a writer talk about her book on the radio and wondered, “Why can’t that be me?” The truth is that it COULD be you if you understood how to get booked on radio and TV. went straight to media expert and author Raleigh Pinskey and asked her to tell you just what you can do to be sitting in that chair answering questions about YOUR book and getting publicity you can’t even buy.

Raleigh’s presentation, “101 Ways to get on Radio, TV and the Internet in the Digital Age,” is a combination of the offline and the online PR tools you need to get on, stay on, and be invited back, often. According to Raleigh, the Digital Age of Media is like a PR electronic global climate change. The traditional who, what, where, when and why/how are more alive than ever–but different. The information flood gates are opening wide, providing you with an invitation to the playing field of multiple avenues just waiting for you to reach out and grab digital media’s newly designed golden ring. Now more than ever, if you want to get past the gatekeeper and perform on center stage, you must be prepared with the new tools.

Put yourself in the interviewee’s seat with “101 Ways to get on Radio, TV and the Internet in the Digital Age.”

  • Define your media goals
  • Hear the nuts and bolts of getting booked on TV, radio and internet talk shows
  • Understand what concepts media are looking for that make you a bookable guest
  • Design your contact procedures
  • Discover PR tools that help the media find you / PR tools that help you find the media
  • Learn what to say in 8 seconds or 140 characters that makes the decision maker book you
  • Nail the elements of a successful interview
  • Grasp how to keep them coming back for more

Raleigh R. Pinskey’s passion is helping authors be all they can be. The Raleigh Group PR, founded in 1980, specializes in helping authors to maximize their “biz-ability with viz-ability®.” Raleigh Pinskey is the author of the international bestselling Harper Collins 101 Ways to Promote Yourself: Tricks of the Trade for Taking Charge of Your Own Success, with 120,000 in print, in several languages, and available in nine countries. Her first two bestselling books, The Zen of Hype and You Can Hype Anything are classics in how to do PR. Raleigh is the author of three self-published books on branding, PR, publicity and marketing, including 101 Ways to Get on Radio, TV and the Internet in the Digital Age, 101 Ways to Sell Your Books and InfoProducts on the Internet, and 101 Ways to Write Fool Proof Media Releases. Since 1980 Raleigh has produced many information products designed to help entrepreneurs succeed in their professional and personal lives.

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