Replay – Dianemarie Collins: How to Gain Publicity for Your Books


Working with Your Authors to Achieve Maximum PR

with Dianemarie Collins, DM Productions LLC

eBooks and online publishing have created a paradigm shift in the way the publishing industry works. Now, more than ever, gaining attention for the books you publish is crucial. So, what’s the success formula to get that publicity?

The reality is no one can claim to know how to successfully publicize every book with one static method. Each book must be carefully analyzed, and strategies need to be developed to achieve media exposure and book sales.

This new publishing paradigm creates the opportunity to take creative risks and utilize out-of-the-box media campaigns. Every step forward is a building block into the successful media campaign, and there is loads of room for innovation.

The best publicity plans include the author, the publisher and a good publicist. Listen in when DianeMarie Collins joins us at Book Street Café. She’ll will discuss:

  • How does book publicity affect the success of your book(s)?
  • What role does the publisher play in a book’s publicity campaign?
  • How does that differ from the role the author plays in a book’s publicity campaign?
  • What does a publicist do in the book publishing industry?

From Dianemarie (DM) Collins

Recently with my company, I realized that book publicity is its own universe and concentrated on that vertical market developing media relationships with publishers, book reviewers, talk show bookers for both television and radio, bloggers and other social media contacts. I have handled many top authors and self-published authors from fiction to self-help and inspirational memoirs designing media campaigns that yield tangible results.

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Recorded April 18, 2013.