Replay – Eric Kampmann: The Changing Role of Distribution: What Small Presses Need to Know Today

Eric Kampmann1

with Eric Kampmann, CEO, Midpoint Trade Books, Inc.

In order for customers to buy your books, they have to be able to find them. That’s why book distribution is a critical aspect of publishing. Distributors place your books on the shelves of bookstores and get them into other retailers. Plus, retailers prefer to work with a distributor, which enables them to purchase your books easily.

In addition, distributors provide national distribution as well as warehousing and shipping.
As the publishing industry changes, so too does the role of distribution.

Join us at Book Street Café as Eric Kampmann, CEO of Midpoint Trade Books, talks about what a distributor can do for a small press. You will:

  • Understand the role of distributors in today’s changing marketplace
  • Hear what distributors offer small presses—not what you think
  • Discover the untapped markets distributors can reach for you
  • Decide whether you should be working with a distributor
  • Determine how to find the right distributor for your press

InsidersGuidetoBookPubSuccessEric Kampmann is President of Midpoint Trade Books, one of the leading sales and distribution companies for independent book publishers. Midpoint has built its reputation on innovative and powerful sales strategies that are designed to help publishers and authors compete successfully in the general book marketplace.

In addition, Eric is the president and owner of two publishing companies: Beaufort Books and Moyer Bell. Beaufort gained national attention in 2007 when it published on behalf of the Goldman family the controversial national bestseller, If I Did It.

Eric has taught courses on book publishing at Harvard, Columbia, NYU as well as numerous publishing and writers conferences.

Eric is the author of four books: The Book Publishers Handbook (2007), Tree of Life (2003), Trail Thoughts (2008) Signposts (2010), Awakenings (2012) and The Insider’s Guide to Book Publishing Success (2012).

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Recorded March 20, 2013.