Webinar Replay – Lorri Allen: “How to Get Reporters to Eat Out of Your Hand, Not Bite It”

Lorri Allen The Soundbite Coachwith Lorri V. Allen, The Soundbite Coach

Let’s go to “Soundbite School!” Having interviewed and coached thousands of authors, Lorri Allen offers a unique spin on media interviews, during this Book Street Café webinar.

This program is perfect for authors and for publishers who have authors… you want more publicity and you want to get it right!

  • What’s the worst thing you can do when answering a reporter’s question?
  • What should you wear to an interview?
  • How can you promote your book appropriately when doing an interview?
  • What’s the most effective way to interact with the media?

Lorri Allen runs Good News!, a company that works with people who want to craft a clear media message, and with organizations that need to communicate quickly in a crisis. She is the co-author of Be A Newsmaker: Master the Media with Clarity, Command & Credibility and Speak to Success: Present with Power, Panache & Purpose.

As a journalist, Lorri interviewed more than 10,000 people and one day realized that it seemed unfair that some people did better on camera than others. Shouldn’t everyone have the chance to get his or her message across? That’s when she began her work to eliminate the fear of the news media.

Lorri coaches newsmakers who want to improve their ability to answer questions or who need confidence in front of reporters. In addition, Lorri provides “insurance” against looking silly or stupid on television.

Lorri counts 25 years as a broadcast and print journalist, reporting, anchoring and producing newscasts, coordinating coverage for events ranging from the local possum festival and state Supreme Court decisions to the Oklahoma City bombing, the attacks of September 11, 2001, and Hurricane Katrina. In addition, Lorri reported live from the floor of the 2004 national political conventions.

Her clients appear on PBS, the Home Shopping Network, HBO, and Good Morning America as well as local news programs.

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Recorded August 9, 2013.