Replay – Mara Purl: Author Success in Today’s Changing Market

Connecting Dynamically with Your Audience

Mara-Purl-3with Mara Purl, Best-selling Author & Actress

You’ve written a terrific book and found a publisher. The hard part is over, right? Wrong! Now comes the most challenging, and most rewarding chapter. It’s never too soon to find your audience, and it’s never too late to offer them something unique and inspiring. Promoting your books starts well before pub date and extends well after. How do you find your readers? How do you provide them something of value? How do you make your author-success a win-win-win?

Learn how to:

  • Engage audiences, essential for today’s author
  • Improve the Amazon ranking for your book(s)
  • Hold a successful Blog Tour (Mara reached 17 million)
  • Discover YOUR audience and offer what they are looking for
  • Connect with your audience in two ways that are important to readers

Mara Purl was a performer on-camera and on-stage, with her regular character Darla Cook on Days Of Our Lives having been her starting point for soap opera. Purl began her writing career as a journalist for the Associated Press, Rolling Stone, The Financial Times of London, Working Woman Magazine, and The Christian Science Monitor. A prolific fiction author, she also has written a play and several non-fiction books including Act Right: A Manual for the On-Camera Actor with actress Erin Gray.

Besides for her books, other Awards include: for radio, the New York Festivals Award; for her play Mary Shelley: In Her Own Words, the Peak Award; and for public service, Woman of the Year 2002 by the Los Angeles County Commission for Women.

Mara Purl is also an accomplished musician. Her instrument is the koto and she recorded and has played on the international stage with many noteworthy musicians.

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Recorded April 30, 2013.