Replay – Victoria Hay, PhD: Every Book Needs an Editor!

VictoriaHayEvery book needs an editor! So does every publisher.

Whether you self-publish your book or own a small publishing company, you will profit from hiring a professional editor. Victoria Hay, owner of a U.S.-based business, technical, and trade book editing service, explains why. Together, we’ll explore the reasons you should never skimp on this crucial stage in book production. You will:

  • Understand the types of editing
  • Comprehend how editing (or the lack thereof) can affect your book’s marketability
  • Learn why editing is not a DIY job
  • Perceive what editors do and don’t do
  • Determine how to find a good editor
  • See why you get what you pay for

Victoria Hay, Ph.D., is an editor, writer, and teacher of writing and editing, with an entrepreneurial cast of mind and broad experience as an educator and communicator. During her career as a writer and editor, she developed two new departments for Arizona Highways; published a prominent weekly newsletter for Phoenix Magazine and served as the monthly magazine’s business editor; and led a talent agency for writers, photographers, and graphic artists. Before founding The Copyeditor’s Desk, Victoria served as editor and publisher of Arizona State University’s Office for Scholarly Journals, where she managed a staff of four in preproduction services for six scholarly journals, ranging in subject matter from mathematical biosciences to medieval and Renaissance history. She has published three books, through Columbia University Press, Folger Shakespeare Library, and William Morrow. As the director of The Copyeditor’s Desk, she has focused on technical and business editing.

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Recorded February 27, 2013.