Replay — Critical WordPress Security: Your Website is Under Attack And You Didn’t Even Know It…


Here’s the Do-It-Yourself Process to Protect Yourself

with Rich Hamilton

You’ve seen the news about the Russian syndicate that hacked over 420,000 websites and stole 1.2 billion email addresses and passwords.

Was your website one of those hacked? Maybe… and you may not even know it!

Rich Hamilton knows first-hand about protecting websites. In the last six weeks he has worked on websites that received as many as 15,000 attempts per hour to break in and take over the web server. In some cases those attempts crashed the server.

Your website is ripe for hackers. WordPress is well-written software, but the way most folks set up their websites they are asking for trouble. On this webinar Rich will show you exactly:

  • How to protect your WordPress site from hackers
  • How to stop thousands of login attempts that hackers use trying to seize your website
  • How to backup your website . . . the ultimate protection

You’ll learn everything you should do to your WordPress websites… you’ll see exactly how to do it… and you should do it now!

Register to join us for this webinar. If you can’t be with us at webinar time, a replay will be available for about a week if you have registered so you can still get this valuable information.

Rich Hamilton is known as a publisher of books and software and speaks on ecommerce and Disney business processes. As an EDP Analyst for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Rich wrote the software used to trigger automatic removal of a virus infection on hundreds of desktop computers. He was instrumental in developing the software used for photo-based traffic enforcement. And he manages websites for himself and a number of companies and associations.

Watch the replay now!

ALERT! In January, 2015, the developer of Rename WP-Login.php stopped supporting and updating the plugin. So, DO NOT use that plugin. Instead, use WPS Hide Login which is available in WordPress plugin search. The rest of the information in this webinar is current.


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Originally broadcast August 12, 2014.