Replay – Russell Trahan, PR/PR: Position Your Authors in Front of Their Target Audience

Russell Trahan

Position Your Authors in Front of Their Target Audience–Wherever They Are

with Russell Trahan, President
PR/PR Public Relations

The statistics on books published per month can be overwhelming. Getting attention for your newly published books or your back list can feel like an uphill climb. So what if an industry insider gave you the secrets to getting publicity for your authors’ books?

Russell Trahan is president of the prestigious PR/PR Public Relations, and he’s coming to Book Street Café with an information-packed presentation that you cannot afford to miss.

You will:

  • Discover 3 reasons why publicity is more important than you thought
  • Learn 7 common publicity mistakes to avoid
  • Define the hook that will attract media attention for your authors
  • Learn to write articles that magazines want to publish
  • Get a list of places authors can speak and sell books

Russell Trahan, President of PR/PR Public Relations, has more than 20 years in the public relations field. He started his career working with Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Business Associations coordinating their marketing, public relations, and event management. Gathering experience at a top 10 market radio station, Russell then returned to the non-profit sector. After a tenure with the Walt Disney Company, he joined PR/PR. Russell attended the Institute for Organizational Management at Stanford University.

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Recorded November 21, 2013.