Posting Rules

Please read this before posting on the website.

New Members
The fact that you’re new doesn’t mean you don’t know a lot about publishing. It may suggest that you don’t know how things are done here. Take this as friendly advice, intended to help you avoid the most common mistakes.

The Rules

Rule #1: If you have a problem with another Member, a Guru, or God, take it up with them directly. Not here. No exceptions.

Rule #2: NO POLITICS OR RELIGION. We are all about publishing, and that includes free press and free speech. But that doesn’t mean this forum can be about just anything. Use your own website if you want to get into politics or religion. (We champion your right to do that.)

The Rest of the Rules

1. Do not use affiliate links in your post.

2. Post in the appropriate section of the board. Questions about writing a book or posts asking for a publisher to read a manuscript do not belong in the Main Publisher Discussion Forum. Post them there and they’re more likely to be deleted than moved.

3. Use subject lines that indicate something specific about your question. Subjects like “Heeelllp!” or “I’m annoyed” are pointless and waste people’s time. They also usually fail to get the attention of the folks most well-equipped to give you useful answers.

4. Do not post complaining about specific people, guru or newbie. We’re not the Internet police and we can’t do anything about it. And we don’t have a clue if the complaint is even valid. Most of them turn out not to be. So, the claim that you’re just trying to “alert our fellow Members to this problem” most often means nothing.

5. If your thread is deleted, do not re-post it. Do not post a thread asking why it was deleted. Read the rules, watch how things are done here, and figure it out. This is not complicated stuff.

6. Remember that threads get deleted for lots of reasons, most of them having no reflection on the original poster. It may be they’re the fifth copy of the same discussion in a short period, because they’re on topics which too often degenerate into flame wars, because they have nothing to do with making publishing, because they’re pointless, because they tend to drift into bashing, and lots of other reasons.

7. Don’t assume anything when you see the word “Banned” under a user’s name, other than that the account has been blocked from posting for some period. “Banned” does not always (or even usually) mean anything bad about the person.

8. Your sig file is not allowed to link to other sites away from this forum, other than your own actual website. If you get caught doing it, you’re likely to be permanently banned.

9. Don’t be surprised if something is deleted and you’re not told why. This place is too big. It would take more time than there is in a day for us to notify every person of the reason, every time we deleted a post or thread. And that doesn’t begin to count the time that would be wasted arguing with people who don’t understand or refuse to accept the rules.

Deleting posts is not a personal thing. Don’t make it one.

11. Use some common sense.