Publishing With Your Pants Down

Apple Opens Its Arms to Self-Publishing E-Book Authors – MacNewsWorld

Apple Opens Its Arms to Self-Publishing E-Book AuthorsMacNewsWorldApple is going after the self-publishing crowd in an effort to loosen Amazon’s grip on the e-book market, but it has some catching up to do. For people already at home in the App …

Publishing with your pants down

Now that Apple is embracing self-publishers, it’s easier than ever to put your book(s) out quickly, to offer them for sale fast. But will you inadvertently be publishing with your pants down?

With so many books being published each month, it’s tough to compete in the marketplace. Just as you wouldn’t want to speak before an audience with your pants down, you don’t want to publish a book that exposes your lack of professionalism.

Customers look for more than a “good” book. They don’t want to choke on misspelled words or gasp about your grammar gaffes.

Working with a professional editor prevents you from publishing with your pants down, plus it increases the chance that you’ll get repeat customers.

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