Special Report: 101 Social Media Marketing Tips

We get lots of questions about social media… like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and blogs.

And all the information can be so confusing! What can you do today to make the social media more effective in book marketing?

Here’s a Special Report, 101 Social Media Marketing Tips.

We had one of our social media experts compile a list of ideas for Book Street Cafe members to help you out. Just a bit of advice: Use this report as it’s intended. Scan it for a couple of ideas at a time, things you can do to make your social media marketing efforts more effective. Work on those two things, then come back to the report and scan it for another couple of ideas.

The report is an idea list, not a strategy or step-by-step plan.

We promise that we’ve overdelivered with this special report! Click the link and download the report now!

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